lipstick boxes

We provide lipstick boxes with wholesale printing:

Are you looking for something different and classy? Do you want to sell your lipsticks at an increased level? Do you want to create a good brand image? You should not worry at all! The Claws custom boxes will provide you the best lipstick boxes in the market. We will satisfy all your lipstick boxes needs and demands. We use high technology printing. We provide printing at the wholesale level. We guarantee that you will not be able to find such high-quality printing anywhere else. We print all the details regarding your product exceptionally.

People are curious about the product, its ingredients, tolerant levels, and color range tec. We provide all such information on one side of the lipstick box so that people can buy your product with satisfaction. Our printing will give a neat and perfect finishing to your product. Our finishing is top class. The consumers will not be able to stop themselves from buying your product after seeing the wonderful packaging.

We provide countless options to customize the lipstick boxes:

Our lipstick boxes are unique and up to the mark. You will not be able to find such boxes anywhere else. We design the box according to your brand demand. If you want to sell a loud and shocking color, we will design the lipstick box vibrantly. If the color of your lipstick will be classic, we will design the box luxuriously. Therefore, our lipstick boxes will speak for your brand themselves.

We will provide you endless options to design your lipstick box. Our highly skilled team of professional graphic designers works innovatively to design the best layouts for you. We also give the opportunity to further embellish, emboss, accessorize, and decorate the box. We also provide custom logos. You can get your logo printed according to your choice and need. You will only have to choose one layout out of the other layouts. We provide you with facilities and services to create the most out of just a lipstick box. We provide many kinds of finishing:

  • Matte finishing
  • Gloss finishing
  • Foil finishing
  • Spot UV finishing
  • Shimmery finishing

We produce environmentally friendly lipstick boxes:

One great thing about the Claws custom boxes is that it produces 100% biodegradable lipstick boxes. Our manufacturing process is pollution-free. We are responsible enough to take care of our environment. We highly condemn the use of plastic and other harmful materials in our manufacturing process. Our lipstick boxes are sustainable, lightweight, and can be recycled. Our production waste also goes through a very effective recycling process.

We help you improve the brand image with the help of our lipstick boxes:

Our lipstick boxes will help your brand to achieve maximum success. There are many cosmetic brands in the market. There is no way that you can stand out in the market without having impressive lipstick packaging. There is no need to worry now. We will provide you the maximum benefits and services related to lipstick boxes. We will make the customer fall in love with your makeup by designing incredible lipstick boxes for your brand. You will be able to see the results yourself by choosing the claws custom boxes.

You will only have to trust us and we will help you take over the makeup world in no time. It is important to note that customers always buy an attractive product. No one buys dull and boring-looking boxes. If you want your product to stay memorable always, then partner with the claws custom boxes for your Custom lipstick boxes needs.

We provide the best wholesale prices and services:

The packaging companies are doing little work and charging a lot. We do not take unnecessary advantage of our clients. We give amazing prices and work with devotion and determination. It is our motto to charge all the customers equally. We do not only charge less but also provide additional favors to our customers.

Why choose the claws custom lipstick boxes?

Creative packaging of products is significant in the market now. Customers do not tend to buy products that are not properly encased in boxes. The lipstick boxes by the claws custom boxes will help you achieve great success and name in the market. Do you want to create an everlasting brand image? Then you only have to have faith in us. We will provide you an amazing collection of lipstick boxes according to the theme of your brand.

Durable lipstick boxes: We provide durable lipstick boxes which is another great factor. Our boxes are the safest package for your product. We include tucks and flaps in our boxes so that your product stays secure inside.

Biodegradable substances: It is made up of sustainable materials that do not provide damage to the product. Moreover, consumers will buy your product because it will be made with 100% biodegradable substances.

Best prices:  We charge reasonably and are not at all expensive. We guarantee that you will not be able to find such authentic prices anywhere else.

Free shipping: We deliver on time and our turnaround time is 4 to 8 days. We also provide free shipping to our valuable clients.

Client-centric: We are customer-centered and our customers are everything for us. That is why we are available for our customers twenty-four hours a day.

Exceptional service: Our lipstick boxes are going to put a long-lasting effect on the consumers’ minds. Although there are thousands of U.S based cosmetic brands, we will help you stand out of them all. We construct a fully informative and properly designed lipstick box so that the customer will not have to look for any other product.