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Being curious about certain things compels you to try and experience them. Similar is the case with e-juices. The main thrill for youth and young adults is to try and test new flavors and tastes that e-juices allow in the form of vapes. To attract the targeted audience i.e. men. E-juice display boxes are a significant choice overall. They can let you buyers see and judge your product and since display boxes are a good means of promotion. People can be reminded of your brand because of these. Claws Custom Boxes deals in all types and sorts of E-juice display boxes that are suitable for your product type and help you maintain a market presence.


All Custom Sizes & Shapes


CMYK, PMS, No Printing

Paper Stock

10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Eco-Friendly Kraft, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board, Cardstock


100 – 500, 000


Gloss, Matte, Spot UV

Default Process

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, Perforation


Custom Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink, PVC Sheet.


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)

Turn Around Time

7-9 Business Days, Rush

Smoking has always been in trend for as long as one can remember. Just its versions have been changing. From cigars to cigarettes, from monds to now vapes. Vapes are the most modern type of smoking that people do these days. It also goes by the name electronic cigarette. These are filled with e-juices and flavors in many types and categories. Thus, with passing time the popularity and commonness of these vapes are increasing. And so is the demand for these e-juices. These are flavored liquids that are great alternatives for tobacco cigarettes. This is the reason for their increasing demand in the market. These are present in small bottles and containers with their flavor mentioned on them. The packaging cases that are in use for their packing, storing, and marketing are custom E-Juice Display Boxes. 

People like to smoke for a lot of reasons. the major reasons involve addiction, to get rid of sad mood, whenever feeling grumpy or in a bad mood, whenever hungry or getting bored. For a long, long time smoking has been in trend and people have been doing it keenly, irrespective of its adverse impacts on health. While there are people who also like to have a smoke as a means of commemorating the past and all the events that took place in it. Thus, it is one of the most important nicotine sources in the whole world. Their importance has given rise to the significance of their packaging as well. Sturdy boxes are in use for the packing, wrapping, and storing of E-Juice Bottles. This item has already set a huge following for itself in the market. Thus, its packing cases also need to be captivating and alluring in order to win the hearts of its potential buyers.

Adding to Visual Worth of E-Juices with the help of Display Windows

Displays and appearances of items also play a role in their overall perception and image-building. This way the Display Boxes can instantly grab the attention o0f their buyers and purchasers. Businesses use these containers to increase their product appeal and make it more captivating to increase sales. Custom packaging has revolutionized the market with new, innovative, and distinctive packaging ways. Out of these custom packaging boxes, these cases are widely loved and adored by businesses and customers. There is a list of reasons as to why these boxes hold this much power and why are they in so much demand? This question can be answered with some examples that state the benefits of using these boxes for products. And also state the effectiveness of these wraps in making products more tempting. These cases in different shapes and sizes can efficiently increase the aesthetics and increase the visual appeal of the product.

Increase Your Following with the Help of E-Juice Display Boxes

Today, a big part of the market constitutes the tobacco industry. All sorts of smoking materials and juices are a part of this field and so are vape-making and storing. Packaging Boxes in all their material types and categories have proven to be ideal for the packing of all types of items. From solid to liquid, from robust to fragile, from heavy to lightweight ones, hence everything is packable with the help of these wrapping cases. Today, there is a massive increase in the production of E-juices in the market. These are present in a variety of appealing flavors and fragrances that also increase their overall demand in the retail field. This is why many marketers that are part of this industry are using these goods to increase their chances of success. Every product has its own special following that shows interest in it.

In the case of E-juices, it can be men and women, both. This is why the span of its target audience and customers is vaster than all other items of the same magnitude. This is why the chances to gain more followers are higher in the case of E-Juices and all flavors for vaping.

Custom E-Juice Boxes and their Popularity

The significance of vapes and all e-juices in our lives is very evident. This is why their packaging is also an important point of discussion. The materials that are in use for wrapping and storing these items are numerous. But since these are delicate glass bottles, anything can easily damage or harm them. Breakage of these bottles is also very common. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, retailers are paying extra attention to the materials for this product. For the maximum protection of these e-juice bottles, sturdy substances such as cardboard are in use. The most common type of packing case for these items is the E-Juice Display Boxes. There are also a variety of shapes and sizes available for these items. From single packing to multiple storage boxes, the categories of these are also numerous.

Firstly, for protection, but it is not the only benefit that is drawn from these wrapping cases. The brands that work in the making and packing business of these juices are well aware of their importance as well. Each bottle of these electronic juices costs a good amount. Thus, it is an expensive business. To make the items worthy of purchasing, retailers use these enclosing packs to enhance their visual appeal and presentation. Having a good display is very essential for the longevity of a product in the market. With good displays, these juices can effectively influence the customers. Attracting buyers is an essential task.

Our Services and Strong Points:

We at Claws Custom Boxes are a team of professionals that fabricate all types of packing boxes for our clients. We specialize in creative ideas and precision in our work to provide premium quality wrappings to our consumers. Associate good feedbacks and validation from the customers with your perfume companies with our highly influential packing solutions. We especially pay attention to all small details that can have a profound impact overall on the working of a company or its products. For this purpose, you need to choose your materials wisely.

Claws Custom Boxes especially pays attention to this aspect and adds every little detail that can make a good difference in the overall influence of a product. Thus, we also allow our clients to share their ideas and make sure the cases portray the whole design as it is. We professionally deal in all sizes and shapes for these wrapping packs. Our main target is to provide convenience to both, our clients and their customers. By offering unique size and shape variations, we let our clients and consumers decide what they think is suitable for them. We value the thoughts and ideas our users have in mind. The objects that are packaged inside innovative e-juice display boxes can easily draw attention. In the retail business grabbing attention is usually on the priority list of all retailers.

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