Soft-touch coating as from its name appears is a soft coating that is adhesive and gives the soft and velvet-like look and texture. It dries up quickly without taking much time, which is good for the printing process that can be done within a given time. It does not


Window patching is sort of boxes that show the product which is inside it through plastic covering. This type of boxes helps the customer to see with their eyes, the product they are going to buy without opening the box.


It is a process or technique used by printing and packaging companies to get a 3-D shape. Emboss means to create recessed or relief images on paper or suchlike stuff.


As its name shows pre means “before” and press mean printing. After finalizing the designs the manufacturers think about its digital printing procedure which involves the following steps and this entire task is done on the computer. The process may differ depending on the nature of the file but


The other name for process color is CMYK which tells about four basic colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These basic colors are used to make all other colors through concentration and the process of saturation. On the other hand, the Pantone Matching System color is a particular


It stands for Solid bleached Sulfate. This type of packaging is mostly used in the food and beverage industry. Very little recycled material is used in making these paper board boxes. These boxes are ideal for graphic printing because of their less stiffness.


There are many steps involve in preparing folding cartons. For example, Different design layouts are prepared. Than Repressing is done with the help of machines. It means different sheets are unrolled and cut according to the requirements Than sheets are cut keeping the designs in view. This process is


Our company sorts all the boxes into different categories so that customers’ could book their orders in less time and get the quotation without surfing so much on the net. To minimize the distraction of the customers, three options are available on the site with the name; By style


After finalizing artwork and die line designing you can imagine that you have covered a long milestone and reached the final step now. If you have saved your quotation, then now you have to move on the shopping cart page, from there you can check your reserved data or


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