Customized gift boxes can work for any organization however best with those that sell sweet candies, garments, or toys. These become a significant bit of bundling to have close by during business occasions, occasions, and birthday events when customers are searching for wrapping alternatives for presents. You can request


Recycled paper board is a sort of paper board created utilizing recuperated squander from paper, along these lines changing over purchaser sources just as plants to meet creation necessities. The last item is viewed as an increased substrate and has somewhere in the range of six and nine utilizes.


PMS Color: PMS color stands for Pantone Matching System. It is used for printing spot colors as they are printed by using the extraordinary ink. The printing is indicated dependent on its Pantone number or name inside a shading graph. It permits the colors to show up exactly as


In the ai or pdf file Images need to be of high-quality Uncompressed 300 dpi resolution, 8 bit, Good resolution images will be accepted Only CMYK color mode and perfect font outline need to be provided by you.


No, only theses two format files are recommendable. Adobe Photoshop® CS, Adobe Illustrator® CS, Adobe InDesign® CS-Only these two software programmers are used by the company and only files from these are acceptable.


We send press digital files via email. If you need a hard copy we will send you extra charges. Moreover, for physical proof, we will require PMS colors or the previously ordered boxes. PMS color is used on paper boards either they are coated or uncoated.